Eve-Marie Boinay
Lesage, Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Givenchy, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Schiaparelli, Franck Sorbier… These are some of
the Houses for whom Eve-Marie, high fashion Embroiderer, has exercised her skills.

Firstly trained – then graduated – in fashion modeling at ESMOD in Lyon, she goes on to join the Haute Couture
Lesage Paris embroidery school. This proves to be a decisive period, after the school, the three years spent within
the Lesage Ateliers are an immeasurable source of know-how, of fascination.

And naturally it’s in Paris, this capital of fashion, and at its prestigious high-fashion Houses, that she perfects her art.

Eve-Marie soon decides to create her own atelier – in Pézenas, far away from the excitement of the fashion shows for
which she continues to work each year.

A way of making her art form known to a greater crowd. Of opening herself to other inspirations.















The Atelier
Created in 2005 by Eve-Marie Boinay, the Embroderie Atelier is born of the will to share. The share of a know-how,
of a passion, of an aesthetic…
Eve-Marie thus puts her now-how and her experience in the service of those who love the fine work.

Bridal gowns, fashion accessories, hair accessories, ensembles, bustiers… Also, on occasion, the reproduction of vintage
embroidery designs for traditional costumes.

For each, individuals and professional, unique creations, personalised, imprinted with the elegance and refinement of
high fashion embroidery.

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